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Udder Delights

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There’s always a lot happening at Udder Delights!  Check out our current blogs. 


Let’s chat cheese. This is where we lean in and dive deeper into our cheesy chats. We’re curd-nurds afterall, and if you’re into cheese like we are then you’ll love these articles. 

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Cheese & Wine Recipe Series

Is there anything better than Cheese and Wine? A pairing that literally goes hand in hand. We don’t know about you, but we are always looking for more ways to fit cheese and wine into our lives. That is why we are excited to release a series of recipes with Chain of Ponds Winery that help you to venture past the cheeseboard, and fit more of your favourite products into your cooking!

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2023 saw us showcase our cheeses at the Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show. We left Melbourne with our hearts (and cups) full and want to thank everyone who made the event so special. This year it’s Sydney’s turn! We hope to chat all things cheese with you in June! 

June 21-23 2024 
Sydney ICC 

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Sheree Sullivan & TJ, Chain of Ponds

Adelaide Hills Billies Series

The Adelaide Hills-Billies – Cheese Queen Sheree Sullivan, and TJ from Chain of Ponds Wines – are on a mission to demystify cheese and wine, one bottle at a time.

Join the ladies on this video journey as they taste their way through various cheese and wine pairings, and find out the answers to all those ‘cheesy’ questions you may have been too afraid to ask!

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