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Our Dairy Farmers


Udder Delights cheese all begins with sourcing our milk from only the best local dairy farms in South Australia. Making our products in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, we know how valuable the produce from our talented region is. That’s why we source all of our cow milk within a 1.5 hour drive of our factory in Lobethal. From around the corner in the Adelaide Hills to Langhorne Creek, we work with many dairies. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining thriving relationships with all our dairies. We value the long days, hard work and the commitment that all our dairy farmers put into producing quality milk. We believe that good farming practices produces great milk, which we love to turn into some of the most delicious cheese in Australia. 

Good Farming. Great Milk. Quality Cheese


As we’ve grown, so has our quality program. Our cheese factory is HACCP and Organic (ACO) certified, which is regulated biannually by South Australia’s dairy regulator, Dairysafe. However, quality does not start or end at our factory and encompasses all facets of our supply chain – resulting in the implementation of our Dairy Farmer Food Safety Program in 2021. This program provides our dairy farmers with the necessary resources to ensure the ongoing supply of quality and safe milk to Udder Delights while maintaining a happy, healthy herd. 

Without our dairy farmers, we are unable to create the exceptional cheeses Udder Delights is known and loved for.

Statement of Circumstances


This South Australia Region Milk Supply Agreement is for the supply period commencing on or after 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025, at the election of the farmer and applies to farmers with a dairy farm located in the following milk pick up region who will supply us on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis and otherwise meet the Statement of Circumstances below.

Milk Volume Required: 9M litres in total for South Australia

Supply Period: 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025

Milk Pick-Up Regions: Dairy farms located in South Australia within a 250km radius of Adelaide Hills City Council

Compliance with our standards: You can comply with the terms and conditions of our MSA.  New suppliers will require a visit from our Company Representative to ensure that these standards will be met:

  • Current Dairy Food Safety Licence
  • Compliance with legislation in relation to milk production, including environmental/effluent management and animal welfare
  • Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety for the staff and contractors of Udder Delights Australia Pty. Ltd. (“Udder Delights”)
  • Safe and efficient tanker access and logistically efficient collection for Udder Delights Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • Ability to supply Udder Delights with an annual volume greater than 250,000 litres;
  • Ability to supply milk of the following quality (TPC <50,000 cfu/mL and SCC <300,000 cells/ml);
  • Sufficient production capacity for a minimum milk collection / pick up of 2,000 litres per pickup on a “skip a day” basis (milk no more than 72 hours old)
  • Meets assessment and verification checks.
  • At the time the farmer offers to enter into this agreement, Udder Delights has not already entered into sufficient milk supply agreements to meet its demand for milk.
  • If the supply of milk exceeds Udder Delights’ demand, priority will be given to existing suppliers to Udder Delights and those suppliers who want to supply Udder Delights on an exclusive basis.

The Australian public is welcome to download these milk supply agreements.

If you have any queries please contact Udder Delights by email to phil@udderdelights.com.au